Whiskey Ad done just right.

I enjoy wine now and then but nothing puts hair on your chest like a good whiskey.

I guess you could consider me “Whiskey Girl.” No, I am not trying to grow hair on my chest but nothing feels like a mix of Christmas and summertime like a whiskey coke.

As the occasional whiskey drinker,  I assume it is difficult for whiskey brands to differentiate themselves from other brands, and even other types of alcohol. [Whiskey and Bourbon and Scotch all taste the same to me, is that just me?] Especially when there is an idea that only men drink it, and hey, it’s probably mostly true.

In my mind, there are three categories, super cheap well-whiskey, like whatever comes out of that hose at the bar, then the middle men, like Jim Bean and Jack Daniels. And then lastly, you have the super pricey whiskey that you never see anyone actually buy but every refined adult has stashed away in a cupboard somewhere, for instance Crown Royal or some of that whiskey that is a billion years old and $3000.


Jim Bean falling in the middle category, they really are taking advantage of the idea around whiskey’s target market of them being the manliest of men. I like the idea of playing on humor as well as a stereotype of whiskey drinkers. Any advertisement that can make me chuckle while making fun of the people drinking out of tiny straws and an umbrella, is doing something right.





Diagram for tipping

I worked as a server for 6 years and was so surprised by the amount of people who don’t understand tipping. All the time I’d overhear “Is that enough?”. I am not sure honestly how many don’t understand the 15% rule but it is there for a reason. What some of the bad tippers may not know is that I am taxed as if I receive those tips. If I sell… let’s say $1000 in sales, (which would be a great night, but it is an easy number so I’m using it) I’d make $150 in tips HOPEFULLY… But I am not taxed straight from my pocket but my paycheck. So technically, if you don’t tip your server, they are paying a small amount to serve you. This applies to all jobs that have tips.

I do wish it was like in other places, but we use tips in America, so that’s just how it is.

Watch these NOW.

A few movies and series have stuck with me over the years and many of them my friends haven’t seen. Some of these movies are really great that you might not have heard of. I think everyone should watch them.



Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

This movie is about a couple getting their minds erased. It stars Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. It’s sad and very gripping for people who have had broken hearts. The movie is abstract and requires your full attention to truly be appreciated.

9/10 on my personal scale

Donnie Darko

This movie is a dark drama about a boy who starts to see things. It’s a series of events that all tie together. It’s kind of out there and a little disturbing but very interesting concepts.



Momento is a fantastic movie about a man with anterograde amnesia. (AKA the same disorder Dori from nemo has) He can’t put short term memories in to long term but this doesn’t stop him from a quest of trying to avenge his murdered wife. It is very artistic and really puts the viewer in the mind of someone with a memory disorder.



The Man From Earth

This is a trippy movie that is just about dialogue. I didn’t think I could ever sit through a movie of just boring talking but I loved it and would watch it again.  It’s about a professor who gathers his academic friends to reveal to them that he has been living since prehistoric times and does not age. Obviously his claim is met with skepticism which leads to very interesting conversation topics.




A Very Long Engagement

This is a French film that has some of the most fantastic use of imagery I have ever seen in a movie. It is about a woman’s quest to find out what happened to her lover during WW1 after he was sent to the front lines. It has mystery, drama, action and that “make-your-heart-ache” romance.




This also stars the same actress Audrey Tautou and also in French. It is about a very shy girl who secretly dabbles in people’s lives. It’s very interesting and whenever I watch it I am reminded to appreciate little things. It’s a great movie.




The Fall

I love love love this movie. It’s based in the early 1900′s and is about a stuntman who is in the hospital after a stunt gone bad. He forms an unlikely friendship with a young girl. Together they tell a perhaps not so imaginary story. The imagery for this movie is amazing.



Garden State

This movie has sort of become a classic for my generation. I’ve never heard anyone say they don’t like it. It has an amazing sound track as well. Even though the characters are quite odd, the movie is very relateable.




I am not big on anime but my sister forced me to watch this and it’s one of my favorites. You could say it’s the Japanese version of The Little Mermaid but with children. It’s kind of odd but if you aren’t hung up that it’s a cartoon, you might like it.



Generation Kill

This is an HBO series that is fascinating. It is about the first Marine Recon troops entering Iraq. It based off of a true story written by a Rolling Stones journalist. It gives a real look on the first weeks in Iraq and how difficult adjusting to war can be for even some of the toughest soldiers.



Game of Thrones

Another series, that is simply amazing. It is described as fantasy for people who don’t like fantasy. It is simply amazing. If you haven’t watched it yet, get on it.