Forgetting for an instant.

Cancer patients agreed to be given a makeover. What they didn’t know was what kind of makeover. They were surprised and had their picture captured the moment they could see their new funny look. For a moment they got to forget about their cancer and have a good laugh from being surprised.

Watch the video! It’s very heartfelt.


Take a Break

As a college student, it feels like I am on my computer 24/7.

Checking email, studying, turning in online homework, social media, reading the news, reading about Miley Cyrus, or just surfing the depths of the internet.

On my internet travels, I’ve come across some pretty cool sites. Some are more useful than others. And honestly, some are not useful at all. Don’t go to these sites if you are at work. Some can be loud. At least mute.

Quite relaxing. Sounds of rain.

Educational website. So you are wasting your time but not at the same time.

Let me Google that for you.

Probably my favorite.

For when you find that font you love but you don’t have a clue what it is.

How it is all connected.

Just do it. I felt much better after I did and it is very relaxing.


Formats your essay.

Favorite on the list. Extremely relaxing.