Forgetting for an instant.

Cancer patients agreed to be given a makeover. What they didn’t know was what kind of makeover. They were surprised and had their picture captured the moment they could see their new funny look. For a moment they got to forget about their cancer and have a good laugh from being surprised.

Watch the video! It’s very heartfelt.


Art vs life

I’ve found that life is all about balance. Balancing hard work with with fun, learning with resting, family and friends. The hardest juggling act for me is keeping up with my passion while being a student.

My passion is art. I love creating any kind of art from doodles in my notebook to a piece I spend 12+ hours on.

Being a student or working can be draining. It’s hard to feel motivated and inspired after a long day of looking at computer screens, teacher and notebooks.

Bad quality but this is a piece I made here at WSU. It’s an egg that is cracked open. It is over a foot tall and my cat likes to sit in it. So someone likes it!

This is a drawing I spent hours on. It took a long time but I was very happy with the result.

These are just some of my pieces I have made. I may add more here later for my own safekeeping.

It’s difficult wanting to practice and improve my skills but being tied down by studying. But hopefully when I am older I will have plenty of time to enjoy myself by creating art.

Cougar Football

We celebrated our first home game at Washington State University this weekend. I had a blast! Even though it was 90 degrees most of the game, we stuck it out to the end.

WSU Cougars have been terrible at football the last couple years but this year we are building momentum and hopefully going to keep it up. The score was 48-10 which was amazing because we decimated Southern Utah. They aren’t the best team but a win is a win. Any win can boost the players confidence.

By going to games I’ve figured out some good things to know for any event.

Some tips to have a better time:

  • Bring a flag or a standout sign. If you have something you can wave around, you are much more likely to be on the screen and who doesn’t want to be on the screen!
  • Wear the right colors and don’t be afraid to dress up and get creative.
  • Try to find a big group to go with. The more people you have with you, the more fun you have!
  • Stab 3 or 4 holes in water bottle lids so you can squeeze the bottle and use it as a mister. It helps a lot for games in the heat.
  • Take lots of pictures.

Speaking of pictures, here are some pictures from the game!

Me and a buddy after we scored a touchdown

Photocredit: Washington State University Facebook Page

Games are always more fun when dressing up!

Someones Gotta Say It

I attend Washington State University and we have some home games coming up. I am pumped! I love watching football and Saturday can’t come soon enough.

BUT… I have to say, there is a moment during every home game that irks me. The jaws song comes on and then I know it’s coming. The stupidest tradition ever. We do the Gator clap, surely (allegedly), stolen from Florida Gators. ¬†Of course it’s fun and all but what on earth does shark themed music, Gators and Cougars have to do with each other? Absolutely nothing. It makes no sense.

I can appreciate our own original traditions such as raising the Coug flag every game day, and jingling our keys but I think we could do better than blatantly ripping off a Gator tradition.

I am not sure if I am alone on this but I will continue to stand by awkwardly during the Gator clap. Regardless though, GO COUGS!