Life Hacks

Over time I’ve come across some “life hacks” that I use or have been meaning to try. Life hacks are simple little tricks that make daily life just a little bit easier.

It can be difficult drinking enough water. Marking them can help you develop the habit.

I used to send a lot of packages and I swear I spent more time fiddling with the tape than I did putting the package together.

It turns out that spaghetti is flammable!

This one is perfect for when you attempt to make a genuine Caesar salad.

I have always wanted to try this but I am terrified. Vacuums can be scary.

Living with the harsh Pullman winters, I have used this trick and it totally helps.

Best part about having an iPhone. I am always texting out my address and email and this speeds up the process a lot.

Walmart isn’t known to be very ‘nice’ in the public eye but they will never tow your car. If you have spare time, there is actually a very interesting story behind the reason why.

I am always on my phone. This trick is great. Airplane mode is also good for when you need a break from the world. And NO ADVERTISEMENTS!

Haven’t tried this one, but as a college student without an iron, I might give it a shot.


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