Art vs life

I’ve found that life is all about balance. Balancing hard work with with fun, learning with resting, family and friends. The hardest juggling act for me is keeping up with my passion while being a student.

My passion is art. I love creating any kind of art from doodles in my notebook to a piece I spend 12+ hours on.

Being a student or working can be draining. It’s hard to feel motivated and inspired after a long day of looking at computer screens, teacher and notebooks.

Bad quality but this is a piece I made here at WSU. It’s an egg that is cracked open. It is over a foot tall and my cat likes to sit in it. So someone likes it!

This is a drawing I spent hours on. It took a long time but I was very happy with the result.

These are just some of my pieces I have made. I may add more here later for my own safekeeping.

It’s difficult wanting to practice and improve my skills but being tied down by studying. But hopefully when I am older I will have plenty of time to enjoy myself by creating art.


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