Life Hacks

Over time I’ve come across some “life hacks” that I use or have been meaning to try. Life hacks are simple little tricks that make daily life just a little bit easier.

It can be difficult drinking enough water. Marking them can help you develop the habit.

I used to send a lot of packages and I swear I spent more time fiddling with the tape than I did putting the package together.

It turns out that spaghetti is flammable!

This one is perfect for when you attempt to make a genuine Caesar salad.

I have always wanted to try this but I am terrified. Vacuums can be scary.

Living with the harsh Pullman winters, I have used this trick and it totally helps.

Best part about having an iPhone. I am always texting out my address and email and this speeds up the process a lot.

Walmart isn’t known to be very ‘nice’ in the public eye but they will never tow your car. If you have spare time, there is actually a very interesting story behind the reason why.

I am always on my phone. This trick is great. Airplane mode is also good for when you need a break from the world. And NO ADVERTISEMENTS!

Haven’t tried this one, but as a college student without an iron, I might give it a shot.


Staying Informed

As of right now the government is shutting down and I’ve realized a lot of my friends don’t really know this. It’s important to keep up to date on what’s going on with our countries politics. Since I don’t want to show a ton of bias in this blog, I’m going to pick a lighter topic that is kind of really funny and horribly depressing.

The topic is about the weird things our government spends money on.

  • The federal government spend $3 million on studying video games such as World of Warcraft.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services plans to spend $500 million on a program that will, among other things, seek to solve the problem of 5-year-old children that “can’t sit still” in a kindergarten classroom.
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture once gave researchers at the University of New Hampshire $700,000 to study methane gas emissions from dairy cows. (AKA cow farts)
  • China lends us more money than any other foreign nation, but that didn’t stop our government from spending 17.8 million dollars on social and environmental programs for China.
  • The federal government spends 25 billion dollars a year maintaining federal buildings that are either unused or totally vacant.
  • The feds once gave Alaska Airlines $500,000 “to paint a Chinook salmon” on the side of a Boeing 737.
  •  The U.S. government once spent 2.6 million dollars to train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly.
  • According to the Washington Post, the U.S. government is going to leave 7 billion dollars worth of military equipment behind in Afghanistan.
  • Amazingly, U.S. taxpayers spend more than 1.4 billion dollars a year on the Obamas.  Meanwhile, British taxpayers only spend about 58 million dollars on the entire royal family.
  • Over the past 15 years, a total of approximately $5.25 million has been spent on hair care services for the U.S. Senate.
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture has spent $300,000 to encourage Americans to eat caviar.
  • The federal government has spent $175,587 “to determine if cocaine makes Japanese quail engage in sexually risky behavior”

Hopefully you found this slightly funny not just really upsetting. America!


5 Clever Uses

Here are five clever uses for an ice cube tray.

Make coffee ice cubes for your iced coffee.

I love iced coffee but without an espresso maker, it is difficult to have iced coffee without it getting watered down. And who wants their coffee watered down??

Make delicious slushies that won't taste watered-down.

This also works for smoothies. Freeze juice in ice cube trays and throw them in your blender with other fruit.

Use your ice cube tray to portion out homemade cookie dough.

If you have a sweet tooth, putting leftover cookie dough in a tray can make it easy to only have a few at a time. Just grab them one or two out and throw them in the oven.

17 Inventive Ways To Use Your Ice Cube Trays!

Freeze lemon and vinegar to toss in your garbage disposal to help get that clean smell.

Ice cube tray office supplies

I have so many of these little trinkets. Putting them all in spots in the ice tray can really spruce up a drunk drawer.

Take a Break

As a college student, it feels like I am on my computer 24/7.

Checking email, studying, turning in online homework, social media, reading the news, reading about Miley Cyrus, or just surfing the depths of the internet.

On my internet travels, I’ve come across some pretty cool sites. Some are more useful than others. And honestly, some are not useful at all. Don’t go to these sites if you are at work. Some can be loud. At least mute.

Quite relaxing. Sounds of rain.

Educational website. So you are wasting your time but not at the same time.

Let me Google that for you.

Probably my favorite.

For when you find that font you love but you don’t have a clue what it is.

How it is all connected.

Just do it. I felt much better after I did and it is very relaxing.


Formats your essay.

Favorite on the list. Extremely relaxing.

Sad Woman’s Bible

I’ve sarcastically talked about writing a book for years. It’s probably been written already though.

The Sad Woman’s Bible would be a collection of stories about dating disasters. Some friends as well as myself have had some pretty unbelievable dating stories, unfortunately not good ones. Some of them are completely ridiculously pitiful, but at the same time hilarious.

One of my own was a guy I met at a country bar. He was great. Nice teeth, looked good in a cowboy hat, had a job raising cattle(OMG can you say baby cows? CUTE), extremely intelligent, witty, funny and knew how to dance.

Even my friends said to go for it.

I figured I would give him a chance. I should have known something was up when he spoke about people thinking too much of worldly possessions.  He invited me over for salmon dinner.

I drive out to meet him, kind of nervous but excited. It’s far in the sticks but he’s a cowboy so it’s okay. I pull up. I think to myself, Where is the house?

Good lord. He greets me and shows me around. Oh god. Oh no. He lives in a shack. Like a real life shack. It’s connected to a carport and is one single room but made into three with dry wall. The ceiling is boards. The stove is circa 1920′s. It is freezing. Oh god. What if I have to pee? Where is the bathroom? Well, exit through the carport and there is the bathroom. I’ve seen an outhouse with more amenities. There is a shower head coming out of the wall, and a curtain jimmy rigged around it. Toilet was purchased at the same time as said stove. At this point I don’t have to go to the bathroom anymore.

I had to keep it cool. But on the inside…

Being the sweet girl that I am, I toughen up and stick it out. I eat the salmon cooked by his ancient stove (It was actually delicious).

I even stick around and watch him build a bonfire. Now this guy is technically living at his work. There are cows within about 30 feet away from us and the fire. Some of them start to scatter and whine. Shack Guy tells me not to worry, it’s just a coyote. He rushes away back into the shack and comes out with a loaded shot gun. All I am thinking is, I have way too much stuff to do to wake up murdered tomorrow. Oh god.

Anyway, he fires a shot into the air. In a few minutes the cows relax and everything is peachy. I decided to head out and thanked him for a pleasant evening. Then I got in my car and drove for the hills.

I might sound shallow, but I prefer to call it standards.  After meeting Shack Guy, I put a new requirement on my list, which is to have a ceiling and a bathroom that is not just connected to the outdoors.

I have even more terrible stories that are my friends. I hope someday I find the time to put them to writing.

Art vs life

I’ve found that life is all about balance. Balancing hard work with with fun, learning with resting, family and friends. The hardest juggling act for me is keeping up with my passion while being a student.

My passion is art. I love creating any kind of art from doodles in my notebook to a piece I spend 12+ hours on.

Being a student or working can be draining. It’s hard to feel motivated and inspired after a long day of looking at computer screens, teacher and notebooks.

Bad quality but this is a piece I made here at WSU. It’s an egg that is cracked open. It is over a foot tall and my cat likes to sit in it. So someone likes it!

This is a drawing I spent hours on. It took a long time but I was very happy with the result.

These are just some of my pieces I have made. I may add more here later for my own safekeeping.

It’s difficult wanting to practice and improve my skills but being tied down by studying. But hopefully when I am older I will have plenty of time to enjoy myself by creating art.

Cougar Football

We celebrated our first home game at Washington State University this weekend. I had a blast! Even though it was 90 degrees most of the game, we stuck it out to the end.

WSU Cougars have been terrible at football the last couple years but this year we are building momentum and hopefully going to keep it up. The score was 48-10 which was amazing because we decimated Southern Utah. They aren’t the best team but a win is a win. Any win can boost the players confidence.

By going to games I’ve figured out some good things to know for any event.

Some tips to have a better time:

  • Bring a flag or a standout sign. If you have something you can wave around, you are much more likely to be on the screen and who doesn’t want to be on the screen!
  • Wear the right colors and don’t be afraid to dress up and get creative.
  • Try to find a big group to go with. The more people you have with you, the more fun you have!
  • Stab 3 or 4 holes in water bottle lids so you can squeeze the bottle and use it as a mister. It helps a lot for games in the heat.
  • Take lots of pictures.

Speaking of pictures, here are some pictures from the game!

Me and a buddy after we scored a touchdown

Photocredit: Washington State University Facebook Page

Games are always more fun when dressing up!

This guy is having the worst date ever

Found these pictures and they kind of got me thinking how different dating is now with all the different technology and really just change of culture. Everything is completely different now. Not that I was dating in the 50’s and 60’s but if I time traveled I wouldn’t know where to start.

More like he won’t text you ever again.

How embarrassing would it be to have your stockings fall down on your date? Garters are key.

If a man today offered me a handkerchief, I’d assume he was way too old for me.

Thank goodness I saw this. I always sit in awkward positions on hot dates.

Now if only I could find a man that knew how to dance…

I am pretty sure I am still single because I always forget to iron my stockings.

If this happens to you, I have a feeling he’s really just not that into you.

These days, just hope he picks up the tab.

Very true. Unless your date is boring. And pouty.  Just completely ignore him then.

He must have been a really boring date.

All these tips aside, on dates it’s best to just be yourself.

Photo Gallery Link:

Someones Gotta Say It

I attend Washington State University and we have some home games coming up. I am pumped! I love watching football and Saturday can’t come soon enough.

BUT… I have to say, there is a moment during every home game that irks me. The jaws song comes on and then I know it’s coming. The stupidest tradition ever. We do the Gator clap, surely (allegedly), stolen from Florida Gators.  Of course it’s fun and all but what on earth does shark themed music, Gators and Cougars have to do with each other? Absolutely nothing. It makes no sense.

I can appreciate our own original traditions such as raising the Coug flag every game day, and jingling our keys but I think we could do better than blatantly ripping off a Gator tradition.

I am not sure if I am alone on this but I will continue to stand by awkwardly during the Gator clap. Regardless though, GO COUGS!


Kielbasa Noodle Recipe

I don’t exactly know what to call it but it is delicious. I figured it out from messing around with ingredients and eventually got it down to this. It’s perfect for when you need to impress someone and want to make them dinner. Plus it is extremely hard to mess up.


(Use a 3rd of the box) Spaghetti noodles

1 Polska Kielbasa

(Amount depends) 3 cheese Italian (or shredded Parmesan)

Stella 3 Cheese Italian Freshly Shredded Cheese, 5 oz

2 tbsp Italian Seasoning

1 tbsp Onion Powder

1 tbsp Garlic Powder

1/2 tsp Salt

3 tbsp of vegetable oil

Start by boiling the noodles with some salt. While that’s happening, slice the kielbasa and throw it in a pan by itself. This is precooked so you can cook it as much as you want. I prefer mine a little crispy on the edges.

Drain the noodles, add the vegetable oil, cheese, and spices. The more cheese you add, the better it tastes but a good medium is a 1/4th of a cup. Stir it up and throw in the meat and you are finished!

It’s really that easy and tastes awesome. You can also replace the kielbasa with bratwursts which is good too.

I like to pair it with either a spinach salad or steamed vegetables.

Expect to have leftovers. They heat up nicely and it tastes so good they probably won’t last long.